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Amu Power and the Community

Guided by the principle that “the greater good is better business” Amu Power’s sustainability efforts will include a strong focus on the following core values:
  • - Community partnership
  • - Respect for the environment
  • - Transforming lives
Amu Power has undertaken a number of activities aimed at improving the lives of the residents of Lamu.


Amu Power sponsors weekly fresh water delivery to water tanks donated by and constructed for by Amu Power to local residents. This saves the locals walking time and lots of energy having to walk for long distances to fetch water. The company provides fresh water to locals at no cost. Borehole drilling at many areas in Lamu is not ideal due to the high level of salt from the sea water or underground water. Amu Power is currently in the process of installing up to twenty tanks in different remote areas including, Kwasasi, Pate, Witu, Mpeketoni, Bargoni, Mokowe and other areas.


Amu Power sponsored over three hundred families with different food items during the month of Ramadhan to assist families during the month of fasting. The food packages were distributed at several locations within Lamu. Recipients of these food packages were poor families.


Fishing is a key economic activity for most people in Lamu who have picked up the trade from their forefathers. However, there is a need to work with the fishermen to modernize their craft and help them access new markets in an efficient manner.
As a first step, Amu Power has identified some quick wins to support this community. The Company recently handed over fishing nets, solar lanterns and other equipment to the Lamu County government to be distributed to 58 fishermen groups in the County. The event was graced by various county government leaders, MCAs, and area residents. During the event, Lamu County Governor Issa Timamy noted that, ‘’Amu Power has demonstrated its commitment to promote development in Lamu County by investing in various programs in support of the identified critical areas. We pledge to support the firm in its efforts to set up the power plant in the County.’’


Amu power worked together with the County Government of Lamu to sponsor and install street solar lights that light up the sea front of Lamu town. The installed lights now light up a vast area of Lamu town sea front. Local residents expressed their gratitude as this initiative has helped reduce the risk of insecurity. Business owners are glad that they are now able to conduct their activities past sunset. Amu Power also sponsored the paving of the main street at the sea-front in Lamu. Block paving has been proven to last longer due to the cement mix. Block paving is easier to repair since a single block can be removed and installed with a new one compared to tarmacked roads. This initiative in partnership with the County Government of Lamu covered the main street of Lamu at the sea front and also feeding streets to schools and medical centers. The block paving of the streets has made mobility simple for residents, students, emergency services and businesses as compared to unpaved streets.


Amu Power has purchased a cold room freezer that will be located in Lamu. Such freezers are vital for the thousands of fishermen who have no facilities to store their catch. The freezing unit provides the fishermen with a ground to negotiate their selling prices. Currently fishermen have a very limited window of time between fishing and selling their catch due to the lack of proper storage facilities thus risk having their fish rot. The freezing unit can store more than twenty tons of fish at a given time. This initiative has been received very well by the locals as many depend on the fish industry for survival.


Amu Power has sponsored the purchase of an ice flake making machine that will assist the thousands of fishermen who go fishing without ice to keep the fish fresh. Fishermen regularly store their fish in containers that lack ice and sanitation. Fishermen are forced to sell their fish as soon as possible to avoid the rotting of fish. The ice machine purchased by Amu Power can produce up to ten tons of flake ice each day. This will provide ample supply to the local fishermen and help them store their catch within a fresh and cold environment thus assisting the fishermen sell their catch at a better price.


Amu Power has launched an afforestation program with a goal of planting more than 1,000,000 trees that will be planted at different areas around the Lamu County. This program is supervised and consulted by the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI). All planting seeds and supplies are purchased from KEFRI. Amu Power is working with many local members to make this goal achievable. An official from KEFRI has been given the mandate of ensuring the nursery is progressing well and makes regular visits to the site to supervise the progress. The aim of this program is to use the resultant trees for afforestation around the power plant and other areas within Lamu to address carbon capture and help reduce the Carbon Footprint from the Power Plant. Amu Power has given priority to the locals for any job opportunities that arise to help support the people of Lamu.


Amu Power has donated solar powered study lights to local schools and students. More than five hundred students from thirty different schools have benefited from this initiative. The goal of this initiative is to assist students achieve better grades by giving them the opportunity to do their schoolwork or studies at different hours. As of today, many remote areas in Lamu do not have access to electricity and if they do, the cost of installation and paying for electricity is not affordable. As time progresses and school semesters turn into years, this initiative will ensure bright students arise from local schools thus giving them the opportunity to further progress their studies to universities and gain valuable education.


Amu Power is currently in the process of constructing classrooms at Bobo and Bargoni areas. Enhancing education of students is one of the company’s goals. To achieve our goal of enhancing education levels, Amu Power has embarked on several strategies including constructing classrooms and schools to include Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary, providing electricity to students, stocking libraries with supplies, introducing technology through computer classes and providing scholarships to students thus enhancing and improving education levels for students.


Amu Power together with the Ambassador Francis K Muthaura Foundation which is a non-profit organization has sponsored students to further enhance their education levels which is one of the company’s goals. Amu Power currently sponsors very needy children in and from Lamufor primary and secondary education.


Amu Power sponsors local events such as the Mawlid Festival and the Lamu Cultural Festival. These events celebrate the local Swahili heritage born of cross cultural influences over hundreds of years. Amu Power has also sponsored local football teams to enhance the spirit of competiveness among the youth. These events occur annually and Amu Power intends to support them.


Amu Power supported local farmers at Kwasasi during the Planting season rituals festivals. These festivals educate locals on new and efficient farming techniques. Such festivals are essential to local farmers since agricultural produce and farming is their primary source of survival at this area of Lamu. The main source of income for the locals is to sell their produce at the markets.